There are tens of thousands of Holistic Nutritionists across the country doing incredible work that we want, and need, to continue to do. Our client’s personal health and wellbeing relies on our ability to practice without even further, unnecessary restrictions. It’s why we need you to come together and join the Holistic Nutritionists on NHPPA’s team for a conversation about how recent Health Canada initiatives threaten your ability to practice in Canada—and what to do about it.

On Monday, August 21 at 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 am PT we are inviting all Holistic Nutritionists from across the country to learn the facts on how Bill C-47, the Self-Care Framework, Vanessa’s Law, and Cost Recovery will impact our industry.

You Will Learn About:

• Health Canada’s new fees that will drive companies out of business
• The stricter regulations that will limit what natural health products can be approved for
• Forecasted increases in costs for natural health products.
• Limitations on what you are allowed to say about natural health products
• The $5,000,000 per day fine that could destroy your business and life

Please forward this invitation to the nutritionists in your life.

Every nutritionist in the country needs to have this information and the opportunity to ask questions to their peers working who are working right in the middle of it all.