We do not take pleasure in accurately predicting the future. NHPPA’s position stems from a knowledge base that relies on facts and acuity to analyze government actions. In this March 11, 2019 article (4 minute read) by Shawn Buckley, published in Common Ground, “Didn’t We Win in 2008 with Bill C-51?,” the words chosen to describe our bureaucratic opponents are not excessive. Nor is the forecast of what the future looks like for Canada’s natural health industry and all those who define themselves with it. “We are at a crossroad. What we collectively decide to do, or not do, will define whether we are factory farm animals or sovereign beings. If we allow this self-care framework to proceed, we will never recover our right to use natural remedies in a meaningful way. We will never get back to that place where truthful health information was not censored. This is a special moment for you to decide who you are.”