She signs off all of her emails with “Never Give Up”. And we don’t want to! Betsy V. recently encouraged the team with her email. She is one of our longtime supporters. For almost the entire time NHPPA has been working! She set up a regular monthly donation to spur the fight for health freedom. She’s a practitioner of many modalities and supports her clients with supplements that are now under threat. Because of Betsy’s commitment to give what she can, NHPPA’s small but efficient team is increasingly motivated to make a meaningful change in the natural health landscape. There are only words of gratitude right back to her!

NHPPA relies on donations from stakeholders and the public. We have ramped up our work but are in significant need of financial support to continue for the rest of the year. We need 500 Canadians like Betsy who can commit a $25 monthly contribution. But no regular donation is too small! We need people who care about the future of the natural health industry and want to see us maintain the momentum.

$25 a month for one year from 500 people would allow us make 2019 the strongest advocacy year ever. We need to take more action and enact more change at the federal level. We are unable to work for you, without you. Consider partnering with us and start your contributions today.