Here’s one for NHPPA’s foodie contingent. More than likely, a significant number of you. Nature’s own “natural health product” powered up in a medicinal liquid. In this February 5, 2019 article (2 minute read + recipe) by Modern Farmer, “Look Out, Bone Broth; Mushroom Broth Might Be Even More Magical,” the newcomer to the bone broth trend is garnering notice and for all the right reasons. From gut-healing to anti-aging, the powers of bone broth are hard to resist, but vegans can now reap the same benefits. Beneficial vitamins and minerals, electrolytes and collagen of bone broth can be found in this vegan counterpart along with the remarkable medicinal properties of mushrooms. “… holistic nutritionists say they offer other potential health benefits, including reducing cholesterol, protecting the liver and having antihypertensive, antioxidant, antidiabetic and antiviral properties,” explains the article. This nutrient-dense, plant-based alternative is tasty and simple enough to sway the staunchest of bone broth enthusiasts.