Fibonacci spiral memes are part of internet play. We could not resist producing our own! Nature’s popular display of the formula found in mathematics are in sunflowers, pine cones, branching trees, field daisy petals and the nautilus shell. The Victoria Health Show petitions, collected by volunteer Shannon Lee Rae at the end of January, finally arrived. They were in such perfect order we had to fan them out to make the most of the moment. We recounted for accuracy. She reported right. Although not quite a Fibonacci number, her collection of 272 new signatures built the petition’s strength. NHPPA’s gratitude to her, is of course, infinite. With each individual signature, the petition continues its growth and adds to itself more value, without “changing the shape” of our ultimate goal. Enacting the Charter of Health Freedom. We invite you to be part of the pattern!

Petitions in English, French and Chinese!