Shawn Buckley

RIGHTS & FREEDOMS In this second 2:28 minute video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains Section 2 of the Charter of Health Freedom, “Recognition and Declaration of Health Rights and Freedoms”. This section identifies the fundamental freedoms that currently exist – and more importantly, should remain protected – under Canadian law. We cannot continue allowing our rights to be eroded. We have freedom of choice in health care. We have sovereignty over our own bodies. The rights to make personal health decisions are rights we have free from government interference. The Charter of Health Freedom takes the rights that Canadian courts and our common law tradition say that we already have, and codifies them so there will be no misunderstanding, by Health Canada or any other government department, that these are fundamental health rights that Canadians have.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. We are already anticipating the third clip where Shawn will discuss the guiding Principles in more detail.