NHPPA’s Shawn Buckley joined David and Collet Stephan in a collective sigh of relief yesterday afternoon when the court passed down a “not guilty” verdict and the couple was finally acquitted in the death of their son Ezekiel. While we wait for Shawn to comment on the outcome of this burdensome seven-year fight, we celebrate the Stephan’s unwavering commitment to medical choice and parental rights. David and Collet, along with their legal team and family, have fought through unimaginable grief to move the needle for health freedom in Canada.

While David stamped the CTV clip below with his approval, we recommend listening to the words from his Facebook Live address as well: “Enough truth has come out to set us free but there is still more truth that we will be seeking as time goes on.” Canadians’ right to treat their body naturally is bolstered by this verdict and it is up to us to lean into and build the momentum all the way to Parliament Hill. Because as David says, “There will be other families.”