“How dare they?” she asks. I think we can all agree. Thank you, Audrey, for remaining engaged in the matter of protecting Canadians’ health freedom and donating to NHPPA. The incisive note, reminds us yet again, why we fight as hard as we do. Yes, there are incredible Canadians like Audrey who stay well educated, offer motivating words and invest not only time and energy but also much needed funds. It is what allows us to continue creating nationwide conversations and push back. Do not think for a moment we have not had some impact. As individuals, in the context of activists and advocates, we cannot become complacent and believe that others, like Audrey, will do the work for us. As her note aptly indicates, “we live in a democracy”. The most fundamental aspect of a functioning democracy is active constituents. That’s us, the public. Are you informed on the issues that restrict your freedoms? Have you made your opinions known to your Member of Parliament? Do you contribute financially to organizations like NHPPA that work tirelessly on your behalf? Audrey did her part. We ask you to engage in ways you can, consistently, and donate!