Today we are inviting you to be part of a nationwide movement to protect Canadians’ access to natural health products (NHPs). This is an opportunity to contribute to shaping Canada’s future through the giving of your time and talents to support NHPPA’s critical initiatives.

To achieve our goals, we a recruiting dedicated volunteers who can commit 2-25 hours per week. We are looking for volunteers with a wide array of skill sets, experiences, and interests. This includes:

  • Clerical and administrative tasks
  • Attendance at live events
  • Interfacing with MPs and Health Canada officials
  • Connecting with health food stores and natural health practitioners
  • Translating our English materials to other languages
  • Web development and maintenance
  • Graphic design
  • Writing and proofreading
  • Coding and web scraping
  • Social media content creation

No matter what your skills, experience, or interests—we’re likely to have a volunteer role for you!

Are you ready to help shape Canada’s future? Please fill out our volunteer application form today.


Specific Volunteer Positions

It takes some unique skill sets to do what we do here at NHPPA. While we have a wide range of volunteer roles available, we do have a few specific positions we urgently need to fill.

If you would be a good fit for any of the volunteer positions below, please fill out our volunteer application. Or, if you know someone who would be a good fit for any of the volunteer positions below, please forward them this email.

  • Web scraper
  • WordPress Website Developer
  • WordPress Website Administrator
  • Social Media Guru
  • Twitter (X) Aficionado
  • Campaign Assistant
  • Graphic Designer

If you have already applied to be a volunteer in the past and feel one of these positions would be an excellent fit for you, please resubmit the volunteer application specifying which volunteer position you are applying for under “additional comments”.